Forward Into the Past

Update:  The research firm Renesys, which keeps track of the status and health of the technical underpinnings of the Internet around the world, just reportedthat at 10:26 UTC this morning — which, by my watch, would have been 5:26 am ET —  all of Syria’s international Internet connectivity shut down. In Syria no one can hear you scream.

The European Space Agency has validated test results for a key component of the SABRE engine, part of the proposed Skylon space-plane. The Skylon is designed for horizontal take off and landing, the SABRE engine would take it to Mach 5.5 in air-breathing mode, transitioning to rocket mode for orbital operation, and back again for landing. 4 hour flights between any two points on the globe or single-stage to orbit is the goal. Awesome styling, too.

The iPhone that dripped blood: Congo’s coltan,  an essential ingredient in modern electronics, is the reason for Rwanda’s support for the M23 rebels.

First known “OMG” found in 1917 letter to Winston Churchill. Take that, cool kids!

Delusional vandal strikes Cape Coral water treatment plant. Fluoride and chemtrails made him do it, maybe, but paint fumes played a contributing role.

Vice and Die Antwo0rd present the Tokoloshe: hairy sex-dwarf of South Africa. Here in the States, we have to make do with the dumb old Goatman.

Undead Micoplama mobilis will crawl for ATP. It’s creeptastic!

Egyptians reject calls to destroy the Pyramids from Salafist group, while Christo wants to build another one in Abu Dhabi. Can we put him in it?

Couple names baby “Hashtag”, anticipates really crappy nursing home choice in return.

Okay, Legolas, eat your heart out!


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