Change Over Time

So first he’s down with oral sex, then legalized pot, and now Pat Robertson has turned his back on young Earth Creationism: a moment of clarity, or did he just forget his usual bullshit? Man, if he keeps this up I may have to convert.

In other Ark-related news, new biblical research reveals the demonic nature of the the platypus.

On the evolution of the LOLCat:

2013 might see the Senate filibuster rules change. Originally, filibusters required a senator denying a vote to “park his fanny on the floor” instead of just threatening to withhold his vote. It will probably end up being just another bargaining chip, but it might just happen.

What’s all this talk about a “grand bargain”? The 77-member Progressive Caucus won’t budge on opposing cuts to entitlements safety net programs to appease the One Per-Centers and their GOP sycophants.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Freakout,TX), who spent much of President Obama’s first term accusing him of being a crypto-Manchurian Candidate who was born in Kenya, is floating a new conspiracy theory: Obama only helped oust former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi so al-Qaeda could take over. Texas, secede already! Really, it’s alright with us!


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