Martian Attention Junky

The Curiosity rover has grabbed a lot of press lately for dishing the dirt on Mars, but lets not forget the Opportunity rover is still doing science at nine years into its 90 day mission. The rovers have worked out so well that NASA is planning another one.

Thanks to the zealous wackos at the Department of Homeland Security, during the latter part of the Bush administration an order went out that all workers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena had to be vetted for high security clearance in order to continue doing their jobs. That cost us 100 scientists.

Liquid Robotics’ wave-powered PacX Wave Glider robot just set a world record by self-navigating for a year to cover 9,000 miles across the South Pacific. Aqua-bots are GO!

Inexplicata presents “Weird War: Strange Stories of the Military“, as if war needed supernatural assistance to be any scarier.

There’s something quintessentially early Twenty-First Century American about a farmers’ market operating in a shopping mall named The Commons in the middle of winter.

Oh, and a happy Zappadan to you all!


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