The Art of the Possible

Michigan pigs pepper-sprayed and arrested protesters of  the “Right to Work for Less” legislation in the Michigan state Senate building. It’s the same anti-union bullshit, different state.

Jim DeMint (R-SC) is ditching his seat in Congress to become president of the Heritage Foundation in January, with a presidential run in 2016 rumored. Esquire’s Charles Pierce says: “Nobody better personifies the casual cruelty, the reckless disregard for the general welfare, the heedless contempt for the idea of a general political commonwealth, and the deep fealty to the rising power of oligarchy in this country than does DeMint, who first rode into the Senate by arguing, among other things, that gay people should not teach in the public schools”. But that’s just the nice things he says.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had to filibuster his own bill, which would have given the president the authority to raise the federal debt ceiling on his own, because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called his bluff and wanted to put it up for a vote. Hilarity ensued.

Good news, everyone in Washington state! You can smoke pot and get gay-married legally! Imagine, control of your own minds and bodies and LIVES! It usually can’t happen here.

In light of Indiana state Sen. Dennis Kruse’s (R-Olduvai Gorge) bill requiring teachers “to provide evidence if students challenge their science lessons”, Wonkette wonders ‘If “Intelligent Design” evolved from Creationism, why are there still Creationists?

Well, Dr Ketchum’s “Bigfoot DNA analysis” paper has been rejected by peer review journal… but it’s been released anyway. All hail!

Local officials banned access to the Pic de Bugarach, a mountain in the southwest of France, where rumor has it the hilltop will open on the Earth’s last day,  December 21, and aliens will emerge with spaceships to save nearby humans. Local police are also clamping down on those hoping to cash in on doomsday fever by selling end-of-the-world memorabilia at out of this world prices.

Dave, baby, you were always a juke-box bargain at St. Michael’s. Dave Brubeck almost got kicked out of Conservatory when it was discovered that he couldn’t read music. After several teachers came forward to plead his case, he was allowed to graduate as long as he promised to never teach piano. He died a legend yesterday at 91. R.I.P. His ‘Blue Rondo A La Turk’, in memoriam.

Rubin Bolling’s comic take on the Hostess bankruptcy, “Captain Industry vs. Union Man”, is required reading! Click the first frame below to see the whole work of Truth and Beauty:


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