Enough Nonsense!

The TEDX talks have showcased so many crackpots that TED HQ has taken notice and issued some guidelines on the selection of credible speakers.

From ForbesEmily Willingham’s 10-point guide to spotting pseudo-science in the wild.

An international team of scientists led by a University of Pennsylvania professor said Thursday that they’ve created a unique new fiber thinner than a human hair that can capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

11-year-old Madeline Neumann had a treatable from of diabetes. Her parents chose to pray for her rather than seek medical help. Her parents have been convicted of homicide for failing to seek medical attention for their ill daughter. They are appealing on the basis of religious nut-baggery. This echos a recent local case, but I don’t see Church of the Firstborn mentioned.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Theodore Kattouf, writes on possible worst-case scenarios outcomes in that country in “Be Careful What You Wish For In Syria“. It’s all starting to sound very familiar again.

Herp a derp! The first police department in the country to acquire a drone crashed the $300,000 aircraft into its own SWAT team. You probably didn’t hear about it. On the other hand, a drone has joined the fight against the illegal poaching of rhinos in South Africa.

The Suomi NPP satellite from NOAA and NASA has released “unprecedented” nighttime views of the Earth the partner agencies revealed today. I can see my house!


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