It’s All Over the Place

Dangerous Minds tells how Ian Drury, himself a polio victim, got banned by the BBC for writing a song protesting the UN’s “Year of the Disabled”. The punchline is that “Spasticus Autisticus” was performed at the opening ceremony for the 2012 Paralympics.

An Italian doctor’s experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis offers a tantalizing hope of a simple and effective cure for many afflicted with the debilitating disease. It seems to come down to restoring the integrity of the blood-brain barrier.

Electronic nicotine delivery systems: is there a need for regulation? One published study discovered claims that could not be scientifically substantiated, lack of essential warnings, poor or confusing usage instructions, a lack of information about what exactly is contained in the e-cigarettes, most of the cartridges leak, manufacture was unregulated and environmentally-sensitive disposal methods lacking.

So there was this monkey wearing a coat and a diaper wandering around the Totonto Ikea parking lot… couldn’t remember where it parked?

Rocketry, U R doing it wrong! North Korea may hold off on their next attempt to orbit a satellite in the Pacific Ocean until after Christmas.

We seem to be having a flurry of “Black Triangle” UFO sightings, with 100 reports in 21 states and Canada since November.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is known to have a different sense of humor than President Vlad Putin, but when he starts talking about aliens living among us, well, a joke’s a joke, but…

Beachcomber takes a good look at the mechanics and odds of pre-Colombian contact between Europe and the Americas. It looks like the going is much easier from our side of the pond to theirs.

The irony is almost blinding: 47% is the post-election Romney-Ryan approval rating. Is that number ‘de-skewed’, or not?

From out of the mouths of dicks: Dick Armey blames big losses by the GOP on the Tea Party crowd being asshats.

I’ve been accustomed to people having shite for brains, but Chinese researchers found a simpler way to reset stem cells recovered from urine into glials and neurons for research on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The “demographic crisis” be damned! There are plenty of workers to pay for everything, it’s the jobs that are lacking.

Lock up the liquor and hide the elves! Saturday night was Santacon in LA, ground zero for Santas of all shapes and sizes to get full of Christmas cheer.


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