The Future is Almost Here! It’s ‘Past 2.0’.

The Heavener Runestone is an enigma. Why the hell would Vikings have sailed all the way down the eastern coast, around Florida, across the Gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi river, then up the Arkansas River to Oklahoma just to carve some rocks? I don’t know, but this runestone in Heavener is pretty odd and IT EXISTS.
The “Redneck Archaeologist”, Jackson Burns, offers his opinion:

Beachcomber presents a horrific account of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s brush with death after a conjuring trick accident! Engineers can have really rotten luck.

China’s state television broadcast “V for Vendetta”, long banned there, which was fairly shocking for many viewers.

Gun-nuts are a pretty perverse lot, they almost make me feel mundane. Following the Sandy Hook Massacre, Bushmaster AR-15s are flying off the shelves. “We sold 14 yesterday,” says Ross Meyer of Gunworld & Archery in Elko, Nev.  He describes the AR-15 as “the Barbie Doll of rifles”. Some adults collect guns the way some kids collect Pokemon cards. Pokemon cards, however, don’t kill people directly, only one of the unsubtle differences. Maybe the next DSM will add a category for ‘obsessive gun-nuttery’ next time around.

Thank you, Georgia, for making Oklahoma appear just a bit more in touch with reality. That’s a really hard thing to do.

Welcome to the Future:


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