It’s Called a ‘Mayan Cartwheel’

So, the world didn’t actually end… but my head feels like it did. Oy!

Responsible gun owners are left looking like a bunch of schmucks after the NRA’s CEO/Exec-VP Wayne LaPierre blamed  movies and video games for the .00001% that use assault weapons for their intended purpose (killing flocks of human beings).  WTF, he gets paid to make us all sound crazy?

The ATF raided Riverview Gun Sales on Thursday evening, because they couldn’t keep guns from just walking out the doors. This is coincedentally the store where at least one of the guns used by Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings was purchased by his mother, Nancy Lanza. Gun manufacturers have lost more that 16,000 guns since 2009, according to a report by the Brady Center.

There is apparently such a thing as “too hot”, legally speaking: the Iowa Supreme Court ruled 7-0 Friday that a dentist was within his right to fire an assistant when he and his wife deemed her a marriage threat. Yes, bosses have too much control where no self-control is is alleged, I agree. Must be the ‘moocher’ in me talking.

Remind me again why the CDC can’t even collect data on the heath impact of guns, even in the abstract? Because TYRANNY, that’s why!

As a think tank focused on intelligent design, the Discovery Institute presumably has no need for physical laboratories, since its research is mostly imagination-based. No shock then that they green-screen their ‘Biologic Institute’ “researcher” in front of a Shutterstock background. And this is a tax-exempt ‘charity’? Gimme a break!


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2 Responses to “It’s Called a ‘Mayan Cartwheel’”

  1. Todd Roper Says:

    I’m starting to think some of the Romney “brain trust” got new jobs in the NRA pr dept..

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