Merry Xmas!

It did look a lot like Christmas… and it’s looking a lot like SpaceX is going to solve the reusable, vertical landing rocket booster problem. Hats off!

The Christmas Eve arson/ambush / mass-shooting / multiple homicide in Webster, NY has provided a rare example of a shooter not being a legal owner of fire-arms. This is only true of about 25% of mass shootings.  The rest of the time it’s lax gun laws that enable mass-shooters. Lawfully purchased firearms are sooo much better to be killed by (as is usually the case), though I do tend to lose track of the moral of stories like these.

In fact, the next time some gun bozo starts ranting about confiscating baseball bats (because they are so the main homicide tool), show them this Department of Justice  graphic and tell them to STFU.

Aww GEEZ! Ben Affleck isn’t running for the Senate. He could still run for President and pick Nicholas Cage as his running-mate. “That would make such a terrible movie it must be about to happen!” say imaginary sources. You heard it here first!

Speaking of terrible movies, I do have a morbid fascination with badfilm and I just saw one, “The  7 Adventures of Sinbad” (2010). It makes even most ‘SyFy Originals‘ look like High Art. It’s sooo bad I can only stand to listen to it at a distance, rather than watch it from the same room. My cat would have written (and directed and starred in) a better movie… but it will never shake my opinion that “Isaac Asimov’s ‘Nightfall'” (1988) is the Worst Movie Ever Made (Post- Ed Wood Era) , we were hooting from the opening credits on.

The WiFi engineers at Boeing are all DEVO now, using bags of potatoes to simulate humans. So close to the truth they are!

“My Drunk Kitchen” would almost be autobiographical for me for the last few days. DAMN YOU GRAHAM CRACKERS!!!!!

Santa came through with a solid! I got a nice print of the periodic table, violated several laws (all man-made) with impunity, got some groovy fossils, a sexy new saucepan and thoroughly enjoyed the friends and frenzy that is the Xmas holiday season. Another good orbit, folks!


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