Memories are the Clues That Lead Us to ‘Now’

I miss my old VW.

In “Amnesia and the Self That Remains When Memory Is Lost“, Dan Levitin contemplates the truths revealed by a visit with a colleague suffering from retrograde amnesia brought on by a brain tumor.

Wired takes a look back on predictions of the future made in 2003. Some weren’t that far off the mark.

Lead: the criminal element. The fantastical impact of tetraethyl lead on society, crime and IQ scores. Think of its elimination from gasoline as a major regulatory success.

Speaking of memory and identity, you know the world is getting weird when you have to quote St. Ronald Reagan to your “conservative” friends to illustrate just how crazy/corrupt the GOP has become, now that it’s just a quagmire of Koch-whore Tea¬†Partiers, Randian twerps, fundamentalist freakjobs and gun nuts.


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