The Beginning of the Year (As We Know It)

It’s another new year full of yet more new/old thoughts! So they make movies of “Atlas Shrugged” (which just blew dead bears) but “The Foundation Trilogy” isn’t filmable? Gimme a break!

Everyone check your watches! Despite the 112th Congress’ not passing a relief package for victims of Hurricane Sandy or reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) wasn’t too concerned about finishing what Republicans had left undone. Instead, at 12:00 PM she introduced the very first piece of legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which states are now busily implementing.

On the other hand, what Harry Reid did at 5:03PM today might make you proud. See, it’s unanimous?!!

While kvetching about gun-violence and gun control and “gun-grabbers”, the NRA pimps its “Hollywood Guns” exhibit. Proof that irony isn’t a ‘Lethal Weapon’ and that they care more about arms makers than the truth of their public statements. Their members? They just pay the NRA to feed them conspiracy theories. “Maybe after NEXT term that black guy president will be stealing your guns! Whut then?” Seriously, Wayne….!

Well, there you go. Hobby Lobby will defy ACA requirement for contraception coverage. Their argument is Jeezus and stuff. When the pharisees you work for ‘opt out’, does your soul get saved by proxy? Is funding a militia truly “the Lord’s work“? I know I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby any more, not for anything!

Robert E. Lee sends this message to the NRA from beyond the grave, while Salon notes that the guns&death lobby is now pushing “silencers” as safety equipment for protecting the tender ears of children, a “towering architectural example of the Gun Lobby’s Nouveau Bat Shit Style”. Meanwhile, an inflamed appendix gives some pointers to the GOP on how to NOT be excised.

Brazil doesn’t age booze, it irradiates it!


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