I like big ‘BUT’s!

Wait for it (at the one minute mark)…

“… BUT we can’t simply cut our way to prosperity”. While I dispute the conciliatory rhetoric about Medicare being the biggest driver of the deficit (because it’s not, the Bush tax cuts still hold that title), Mr. Obama is the undisputed master of the “blah-blah-whatever you deluded screwheads believe”… followed by the refutational ‘−but…‘ clause.

He could have said “We should join together to drown the federal government and suspected witches in a bathtub, worship at the altar of Mammon, grant corporations human rights, make pregnancy mandatory for all women over 14 years of age and execute teh Poors and homeless… but that would result in the kind of world we don’t want to live in”.

The coming “debt ceiling” BS (scheduled for the next two months) should and could be shot down by invoking the 14th Amendment:  Congress isn’t allowed, Constitutionally,  to runs up a tab then refuse to pay,  shouting “I won’t drink so much in the future, okay?”, as if that makes things square with the bar-keep!

If all it takes to fix this is a president that gets blow-jobs, well bring back the “Golden Years”, please! I’ll pay for the upholstery cleaning personally. Tax rates have been at historic lows since William Clinton left office and the neo-cons took over, which is what created this budget problem. Starting a bogus, undeclared (and off-budget) war while cutting taxes was the perfect formula for making your grandchildren send you to the cheapest nursing home available, right?

Whenever some idiot Tea Bagger starts ranting about the TYRANNY! of current tax rates, just flip them this chart (printed on a business card), as if facts have any effect on them:

The Fed budget numbers sound large, but in the end we’ve gotta pay the bills we’ve already run up. We’re talking a few percentage points of difference here, sheeple. Reminisce about when America was at its greatest, then look at the tax graph. That’s right, it was during times of higher taxes, wasn’t it: when the richest paid taxes like the rest of us? Was that correlation or causality?  Just look at history, that’s all I can say.

Beware the power of large numbers of very stupid people (paid for by the Koch Bros).  If you don’t like personal income taxes,  just add a .5% tax on stock trades and/or raise the effective corporate tax rate to historical norms to balance the budget. The moneyed class just doesn’t want to play fair, that’s what all the fuss is about, pure and simple. Yes, sometimes class warfare is a good thing, if it fights against evil and selfishness.

I don’t like giving away the money I’ve earned either, but taxes are the price of living in a civil society with roads, police, schools & etc. Those weenie Randians,  Libertarians and ‘rugged individualists’ can jack off about the ‘moochers and takers’ all they want, yet without taxes or “user fees”  or something like them, life in America would be “short, brutish and hard” (like in Somalia, for example)… but I don’t know any rational being that wants life in the U.S. reduced to that, do you? Do you? Really?


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