Just Some Notes

QED! I’m totally convinced that Alex Jones really needs to cut back on those pineal gland extracts.  Who Forted? has an excellent piece comparing Alex Jones’ crazy-talk with the more thoughtful conspiracy theorists like Bill Hicks, Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Moore.  I highly recommend it!

It’s almost a Bigfoot Bicentennial! January 7th, 1811 marks the first recorded account of an overly large foot print in North America by a non-native person. The honor goes to David Thompson, a British-Canadian fur trader, surveyor, and map-maker, who was known for keeping detailed records.

Those wild and crazy guys at DARPA are kicking off the FANG Challenges, a competition to design the best  armored boat that can crawl around on the land while kicking major ass. They’ll also be releasing simulation software called Meta with which to construct and test your design. One million dollar prize for the winner. The fun starts Monday!

A ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ FAIL!


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