A mixed bag for “hump day”

Women! You can’t live with ’em and you can’t just go berserk while she’s alive: the “Norman Bates” theory of mass-shootings. I am mildly intrigued.

Stevie Wonder tells Piers Morgan: I’m buying a gun to mock ‘crazy’ gun laws. There is currently no federal law prohibiting seeing-impaired people from buying or owning guns.

Moon landing hoax… NOT! One man explains that in 1969 it would have been easier to just go to the moon than try to hoax the whole thing. That technology just didn’t exist yet, he says.

Greg Olear says that all conspiracy wackos are not created equal.

Is it any wonder that public edjucation is in such a shambles, what with these loons setting policy?

3D printers and how size really does matter: Dutch architect to build house with 3D printer.

“Burning Goat Cheese” is a great name for a band, but a truckload of it has a Norwegian highway tunnel closed for two weeks.

Deep Space Industries has joined Orbital Resources in the quest to harvest asteroid resources. So why all the asteroid mining frenzy lately?

If Hitler didn’t exist, the rightwingnuts would have to invent him, just to compare Obama to.
Start the projection machine and cue the exploding heads at Fox:


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