One Big ‘Happy’ Family

Okay, so apparently Fox News doesn’t have a total monopoly on idiotic anchors. Global warming causing close approach by an asteroid? She’s lucky Billy Nye was in another studio or he might have used his eye-lasers right then and there.

Seismographs detected another North Korean nuclear test at 11:57 (02:57 GMT) on Tuesday morning. This didn’t make anyone very happy outside of North Korea, perhaps least of all China which is growing tired of their poorer cousins making totalitarian Asian regimes look bad.

An apparent hack of the Emergency Broadcast System had one Montana TV station broadcasting an alert about dead bodies rising from their graves and attacking the living. All we ever get around here are tornado warnings.

Pope Benedict XVI pulls a Palin and announces his resignation. What, he got a better offer? Maybe he just got tired of theTPS reports and the “flair” requirement?

And in further cognitive dissonance news, retired Senator Ron Paul is suing his former supporters and petitioning the U.N.’s WIPO to give him control of  the and domains. I wonder if the shock troops will storm the hosting company in black helicopters?

Just when you thought they couldn’t fit any more stupid in Washington DC,  Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) invites Ted Nugent to watch the State of the Union address because manly gun-love. Let’s hope they steam clean the upholstery afterwards.

Three people are dead in a courthouse shooting in Delaware. Maybe we should have metal detectors and armed policemen in… oh, they had those there? Gee, I’m all out of ideas as to what to do about this  (/snark).

Big Win for the lexicon of science-fiction as the EFF helps an author fight off a bogus copyright take-down based on use of the term “space marine”.

My home-town boy Gary Busey shares his unique understanding of hobbits. Maybe tougher helmet laws would have prevented this? Back in the day we just called him “Teddy Jack Eddy“. Law-zeee!

black snub-nosed monkey midwife helps first time mother with a difficult birthing. A male cottontop tamarin has been observed pulling at his infant’s shoulders until they emerged. Another report claims that a female capped langur was groomed by other females during birth, perhaps in an attempt to ease her distress. I wonder when they’ll start offering Lamaze classes.

This experimental pneumatically actuated silicone rubber tentacle is not amused by references to “those hard to reach places”. Not even a little bit. So knock it off, already.


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