Oklahoma: a State of Confusion

No petroleum was harmed in this case of possible spontaneous human combustion in rural Oklahoma. It’s purely a coincidence that most SHC victims are alcoholics that smoke.

Another day, another Oklahoma anti-science bill! Mother Jones gives us an excellent examination of  HB1674 (which passed  through the Oklahoma Common Education committee by a 9-8 vote on Feb 19)A mind is a terrible thing to waste, as they used to say… before it became state policy.

Is climate change forcing the chupacabra north into Oklahoma or is this photo just another mangy critter?

CREW is suing the IRS over political spending by 501(c)4 “social welfare” nonprofits, which are big conduits for dirty, anonymous “dark money”.

The Florida Tea Party is mobilizing to protect your God-given right to ride manatees! Thanks for not being from Oklahoma, you loonies.

And speaking of Tea Party screw-ups, Karl Rove isn’t upset about them shooping him as a Nazi.

The Hagel nomination is being held up by his unorthodox belief that we need a reason before going to war.

There’s no escape from Rule 34. Just like the internet, Google Glass is for porn.

The conversation between bees and flowers can be very electric.

Friends, Romans, countrymen: 3D print me some ears!

Min Wage


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