The default settings on Love need tweaking

For me, Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” (1979) was a stand-out among American pop offerings. Somehow this track, the most expensive ever produced at the time, with marching band orchestration and heavy ‘tribal’ rhythms, underscores the primal nature of love (and attending insecurity) in a way most music doesn’t.

Bad science writing is one thing, but it’s another thing when evolutionary biologists themselves make conjectures based on their own biases. Slate takes a look at one of the latest examples involving deviation in the EDAR gene, nice hair and bewbs.

Larry Pratt and his sidekick Howard make Wayne LaPierre seem almost sane. Too bad responsible gun owners, the actual majority, are tarred with the same brush. Maybe if they quit sending these fruitcakes to guard the Constitutional hen-house this would change.

Scholars continue to debate the psychological and sociological origins of conspiracy theories, but there is no arguing that these theories have seen a revival on the extreme right in recent years.

The bogus “school reform” movement isn’t just about union-busting, it’s about de-educating American youth. Oklahoma is just one of the game boards where this is being played out.

Speaking of Oklahoma, “mugging by porcelain tile” is a new one on me.

A pair of the smallest space telescopes ever will hitch a ride along with an Indian space launch. The 20cm ‘cubesats’ will perform long-term measurements of stellar brightness variations.

In closing, there’s always the soothing strains of DEVO to help us sort all this ‘love’ stuff out.


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