Lies, False Flags and Innuendo

The Nation devotes an issue to the utterly bogus “Fix the Debt” astro-turf campaign sponsored by billionaire corporate criminals. Why don’t we go back to the Good Old Days, when these scheming bastards paid a tax rate of 90%? That would ‘fix the debt’ even better.

Mercenary emails indicate U.S. may have proposed “false flag” chemical warfare attack to cook Syrian goose. Just a swell bunch of guys all around.

Speaking of false flags and camouflage, I found some interesting notes over at Wired: militants in Mali left behind some interesting documents on DIY drone proofing for buildings and vehicles, and there’s a story of our own troops spoofing surveillance drones to cover up a murder.

Ray Cusick, designer of the “Doctor Who” Daleks, has died. He was 84.

Even superheroes gotta go sometime!

I doubt the next pope will spray his congregation with a water gun filled with holy water but he may want to take inspiration from the way a Mexican priest is making his Mass much more enjoyable.

You know, I’ve watched the self-destruction of the Church from the unfolding child rape and cover-ups, the ‘VatiLeaks’ fiasco and the recent Papal resignation-in-disgust, and I have to wonder how anyone with intact neurons could buy into the “papal infallibility” con theory in this day and age.

Popes Gone Wild! (by Andrew Hall at The Atheist Pig) puts it all in perspective: the church’s current problems are pretty damned lame compared to shenanigans of the past. I mean, once you’ve had a pirate for a pope and when another has his bishops  compete in a fornication contest to win some flashy clothes, it makes a little discrete same-sex non-celibacy seem pretty damned pedestrian. (And no, I’m not calling the internationally orchestrated conspiracy to rape children and hide their abusers “kid stuff” by any means: that and malfeasance in elected office should be among the few, select crimes warranting capital punishment, IMHO).

Might the only hope for the preservation of the Mother Church be to elect an atheist pope, one that doesn’t buy into the horseshit? To this end I humbly nominate myself.

I stand ready to do away with requiring priestly celibacy, mete justice to child molesters, affirm that Reason is the thing that should rule, not dogma… and I will dish out some really HUGE, high-class scandals that will take everyone’s mind off the paltry peccadilloes.

C’mon, cardinals! Vote Offlogic for POPE in 2013!
What could possibly go wrong? I mean, in comparison?


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