Top Wop’s Comment Flops

Recently, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia called the Voting Rights Act a “perpetuation of racial entitlement”.

Voting rights are a “racial entitlement”, what? Can you say that in cracker?

This sort of talk from him should surprise nobody, since, as Rachael Maddow notes, Scalia is ‘a troll‘ of long standing. I’m sure he chose his words with care, no ‘mis-spoke’ about it.

I’m assuming there must have been some sort of “affirmative action” program for hyper-bigoted Jersey shore dagos: how else could this oily, cannoli-sucking guido get his chianti-swilling rump on the bench in the first place? You’d think a greasy goombah like him, of the same heritage that gave us both the Mafia and the goose-stepping Fascisti, would have the sense to keep his guinea “racial entitlement” opinions to himself, but, of course, “his people” are immune to irony in any form (“his people” being the right-wingnuts in general that support his confused sense of “racial entitlement”… as well as the dago wop dumb-asses that think they qualify as “white”).

(YES, I’ve employed a racist narrative and epithets to ridicule Scalia’s greaseball reasoning and lack of judicial temperament, and NO, he shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court with his prejudiced outlook. It’s just his “in your face” style. He’s loving it, so fuck him. Here’s the source list of ethnic slurs I used)

Here’s a transcript of “Foreigners Around the World” by P.J. O’Rourke from the National Lampoon “Unwanted Foreigners Issue”.


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2 Responses to “Top Wop’s Comment Flops”

  1. Todd Roper Says:

    Here! Here! Fuck him! From utard.

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