Reality only bites sometimes

Beachcomber has a few historic examples of how cats have been messing stuff up since they figured out how to freeload off humans.

A BBC documentary from 1997 shows a shaman of the Yanomamo tribe using a guinea pig as a medical scanner (first video on the page). I wonder what the co-pay is for that?

A brief overview of the origin and spread of the use of Cannabis sativa, starting from 29,000 years BCE.

State Rep. Ed Orcutt (R-Blithering Idiot, WA) claims that riding a bike releases more pollution than driving a car, pushes a special tax on bicycle sales. Yes, he’s really that clueless.

A new Facebook game aims to raise funds for non-profit foundations like Heifer International, Girls & Education Mentoring Services and World Vision. I think “Half the Sky” is a much catchier name than “StarvationVille“.

Meanwhile, back in America, corporate profits have risen 20 times the rate of workers pay since 2008. See, there’s an “us recovery” and a “them recovery”: that’s class warfare at it’s greediest.

Seriously? M’Lord and Lady Romney are carping that the liberal media cost them the election. Their screw-head ‘one per-center’ policies had nothing to do with it? If only he’d been Latino!

“Daddy Dearest”: a look inside the mind of Syrian president tyrant Bashir al-Assad. We’d all hoped the western-educated doctor would bring reforms, but he was trapped in the authoritarian government built by his father. Or so it says.

The Department of Justice announced last December that it had won a guilty plea from the China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co. Ltd. for its criminal conspiracy to export high-performance epoxy coatings from the U.S. to Pakistan’s Chashma II Nuclear Power Plant. The DOJ stated “It is believed that today’s plea marks the first time that a PRC corporate entity has entered a plea of guilty in a U.S. criminal export matter“.

Pat Robertson claims that liberals are turning schools into indoctrination “gulags”. How unlike a certain religion, am I right?

It seemed like a good idea at the time: the Christians in Finland got very shitty about a toilet paper manufacturer printing bible verses on its product.

Just in time for Passover, locusts are swarming Egypt. Kind of brings new life to those old stories, doesn’t it?

And speaking of biblical retribution (or something akin to that), here’s Vincent Price reading “Thus I Refute Beelzy”, by John Collier (1940):


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