‘It Came from Lake Vostok!’

Don’t drink the water! Russian scientists have announced the discovery of an unknown, novel bacteria in samples taken from Lake Vostok last year. They drilled through four kilometers of ice to collect samples from the subglacial Antarctic lake, believed to have been isolated from the outside world for more than a million years. (Update: Russian scientists have now retracted this claim).

LBJ was quite the jokester. Here’s the time he took a friend for a drive… into a lake.

How sure can we be about Heisenberg, now that researchers have directly measured the polarization states of light?

The mystery drone spotted over JFK airport: scarier that it didn’t show up on radar or that the FBI hasn’t a clue as to who was behind it? The feds are seeking help from the public to identify its source.

Tell the Flying Nun to make way for the Sainted Flying Padre of Naples. Thanks again, Beachcomber!

North Korea threatens a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. with a warhead it doesn’t have. Cheeseburgers trump saber-rattling, the “Red Dawn” remake notwithstanding. I’m shaking in my boots… NOT.

That karma can be a real bitch sometimes: burglar steals rifle, is fatally shot by same driving away on a bumpy road. How good can the roads in North Korea be?

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) says the President and progressives have to resist the Republican Party’s “unquenchable thirst to hurt the needy”. Nothing like kicking the serfs when they are down! Can you pass the Grey Poupon?

As much as I think Sen. Rand Paul (R-TeaParty) should be forced to actually live in the kind of society he advocates, he held a very righteous, old school, 13 hour filibuster, ostensibly in protest of memos on drone policy. First sign of a conscience I’ve seen! He claims the Obama Administration asserts the legal authority to kill “an American … in a cafe in San Francisco or a restaurant in Houston or at their home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.” Sen. McCain and others find his claim ridiculous. Though loose drone rules and lack of due process in targeted assassinations of Americans (and anyone else) is something to shout about, and Paul doesn’t often open his mouth unless it’s to lie or say something wacky, I do applaud him actually holding the floor rather than using the ‘pretend filibuster’ we usually see.

This is the best John Lennon parody ever, from the old National Lampoon Radio Hour. Tony Hendra provides lead vocals to a  Christopher Serf composition. Melissa Manchester is the voice of “Yoko” at the end:


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