Happy Monday Weirdness

A Clemson University professor sees the ascent (in popularity) of zombies as reflections of a feeling of disempowerment, cultural dissatisfaction and economic upheaval. Compare the popularity of giant bug flick to fears of the Atomic Age.

The New York Stock Exchange is readying plans to be able to operate without human traders in case of “disaster”. Does this worry anyone else? Maybe it sheds some light on the lack of human job creation?

The Dow hits a new high and corporate profits are up, but where are the jobs? Would there be more if corporations hadn’t stashed $166+ billion in off-shore tax shelters? Maybe it’s time to tweak the tax code to incentivize putting money to work rather than just hoarding it?

What if corporations sponsored superheros? Well, besides losing their amateur standing they might quit their day jobs and blow off that “meek, mild mannered” alter-ego jive.

Some people connect the dots without affectations of some ‘supernatural intuition’. Not so with that cherry on top of the conspiracy-nut sundae, Alex Jones!

A lot of people are sick and tired of Daylight Savings Time. Here’s a list of reasons to get rid of it for good.

Chimps are so like people sometimes: four lower-ranking males ganged up to assassinate the troupe’s alpha male, apparently in response to TYRANNY! Even chimps know that sometimes you just gotta frag the Lieutenant.

Nowadays, just how much of a check on government tyranny is the 2nd Amendment? What use are small arms against Big Brother’s drones?

The fun never stops in the Sunshine State:  man-eating sinkholes, invading Burmese pythonsswarming sharks, tropical storms and other disasters. Coming up next: giant mosquitoes!

Speaking of flying objects, Grant Cameron was honored with the researcher of the year award for his outstanding achievement in the field of UFO studies. Using the Freedom of Information Act he’s documented a surprising level of personal interest by U.S. presidents.

Remember the notoriously bad “Alien Autopsy” footage peddled by Ray Santilli in 1995? He claims it was a re-enactment of actual alien autopsy footage that just wasn’t good enough to use. That and a frozen Sasquatch will get you a cup of coffee, Ray.

Intrade, the futures market for all things non-sport, has announced its immediate shutdown due to a financial probe by the Irish government. Did anyone bet on that happening?

This could be the ultimate media room decoration for badfilm fans:


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