Burning Ice and a Shape-shifting Jesus

Richard Broughton, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Oklahoma, has penned an excellent response to HB 1674, a piece of so-called “academic freedom” legislation aimed at giving equal time to the ridiculous beliefs of ‘Young Earth’ Creationists, witch doctors, astrologers and other crazies in science classrooms. I’d say the Prof.  deserves a raise!

Today, Japan announced the first successful extraction of methane from offshore deposits of methane hydrate. As the world’s largest importer of liquified natural gas, this technology offers the promise of a domestic energy resource for Japan. Yes, it’s still a carbon-based fuel, but at least they won’t have to import it if this thing works out for them.

If you can’t stand the news just buy the press, I guess. The villainous Koch Brothers consider purchasing the L.A. Times.  We already live in a world where just six corporations control almost all we see and hear.

We’re already hosts to at least one alien life-form:  a corporation is a Constitutionally protected irresponsible anaerobic organism that feeds on money. If that’s not an alien life form, I don’t know what is.

Prenda Law, whose business model was to accuse thousands of people of illegally downloading copyrighted porn then threatening to ‘out’ them if they didn’t pay a ransom “settlement”, had a very bad day in court on Monday. The judge was not amused by their apparent chicanery. Ken at Popehat has the best write-up I’ve seen.

Manhattan private eye Bob Nygaard has materialized as the scourge of psychics who fleece vulnerable clients out of fortunes. Since 2008, this dogged private dick has helped cops collar seven criminal “clairvoyants”.

Some inconvenient facts for the Teabaggers in your life: black people, who make up 22% of the poor, receive only 14% of government benefits, while white people, who make up 42% of the poor, receive 69% of government benefits. Oh dear. If this gets out…. nah, it won’t change a damned thing!

A shape-shifting Jesus comforts Pontius Pilot over dinner in a newly translated 1200 year old Coptic version of the Passover tale. The text is written in the name of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, who lived during the fourth century (as are several other dubious homilies).

Tim Minchin sings the praises of Magic Woody Allen Velociraptor Jesus:


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