Not ‘made of people’, but still quite tasty!

How to quit eating and love ‘soylent’. Everything an optimally functioning body needs, this stuff makes ‘Tang’ sound like, well, ‘Tang’.  The author warn us that hacking the human body is both high-risk and high-reward.

…And, speaking of hacking a human body, yes, the “cannibal cop” has been convicted before his snuff-porn dream could meet haute cuisine. Or fava bean. His plate stayed clean. Does that sound mean?

Arms Control Wonk relates a “Crazy Korean Story” of a nuclear-armed U.S. submarine staying behind after the ongoing  Foal Eagle/Key Resolve exercise to deter North Korean aggression. Jeffrey Lewis doesn’t give it much credence because press reports from that region are often fabulous. (Some good wonk laughs are in the comments, though).

The Norks have test fired a pair of short-range missiles in response to the joint U.S./South Korean military exercises. Count ’em: two short range launches of tactical bottle-rockets with 140km range. The U.S. responds by putting another $billion or so into beefing up the ABM interceptors in California and Alaska. Overreact much? Is Washington giving the Great Leader an ego-stroke, or is it just welfare for Raytheon and Orbital Sciences stock-holders? I dunno. “Dollars chasing dimes around in the jungle”, as the saying was.

Google street view caught another kind of stroke-job in process. Have to start calling it “Hand-chester, England” now.

There’s no place where the paranoid style in American politics mixes with presidential aspirants quite like CPAC. Their  panel  entitled “Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Called a Racist and You Know You’re Not One?” erupts into total chaos because of all the resentful racists in attendance.

Psychic woman says her alien lovers are better at sex than any Earthling. Once you go ‘cephalopod’, as the saying goes. Calm down, PZ! 🙂

The President has announced a too-little, too-late alternative energy development “effort”. Once we’ve roasted in our own juices long enough, energy will be the least of our worries. I heard a legend about Dry Land, it’s just over there I think….

Beware, you air pirates, Captain Kilovolt is on your tail! I’ve been reading up on plasma aerodynamics of late. It’s not as wing-nutty as it sounds! Using ionization to reduce drag, increase lift and even produce thrust. Think “Ionic Breeze” for aircraft… or airships!  Just another ‘old is new’ technology to re-examine.

Isn’t it a fine day to be wearing our magical lucky pigeon hats? I mean, why tempt Fate? Just choose your personal voodoo carefully and send me your tithes!


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