Frankenstein’s Kitty and the new “New Coke”

Lawyers, Guns and Money reminds us that Tricky Dick was a treacherous, treasonous asshole, specifically for getting an extra 22,000 Americans killed  in Vietnam after he sabotaged LBJ’s peace talks in order to win an election.

A dying, paralyzed veteran of the Iraq war has written an open letter to George Dubya Bush and Dick Cheney. Let’s hope they read and are haunted by it for the rest of their lives.

Is this the “New Coke”, or just more of the same old shit? Rebuked in the last elections, the GOP is attempting to re-brand itself, but it can’t face the fact that most people don’t like them or their hokey ideas. Why is it mired in lost causes? Will they buy a vowel, or is screaming at the kids to “get off my lawn!” all that’s left of the Party of Lincoln?

IO9 has a short excerpt of Emily Anthes’ new book Frankenstein’s Cat that recalls the CIA’s “Acoustic Kitty” program, an attempt to wire cats up as surveillance platforms. The test run was a mission to eavesdrop on a conversation in a park near the Soviet Embassy. The cat was released near the target, but it immediately ran into the street and was squished by a taxi.  The project was (wisely) cancelled as a complete loss in 1967,  as summarized in this memo.

Is there is no field of inquiry that young-Earth creationists can’t distort? In the area of literary and linguistic studies, Beowulf’s three main antagonists are turned into dinosaurs by interpreting poetic descriptions as zoological terms and cherry-picking details to give the impression that the Old English text backs up the argument.

The house across the street from Westboro Baptist Church has been turned into a massive tribute to LGBT pride. Well done, folks! In your face, you Westboro flakes!

First discovered by sponge divers in the early 20th century, divers have returned to the site of the Antikythera wreck, dating from the first century BC. Last explored in the 1970s by Jacques Cousteau  (featured in his documentary Diving for Roman Plunder), a team of divers led by Brendan Foley of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Aggeliki Simossi of Greece’s Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities have returned to the ancient shipwreck that yielded the remains of the mysterious clockwork device dubbed the ‘Antikythera mechanism‘.


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