I Like Big(foot) Butts: a Friday Roundup

An active outdoor lifestyle appears to result in good hams and glutes. Maybe it’s the beef jerky diet? I’m waiting for a proper mashup to surface.

David Bowie has returned to the top of the British album charts for the first time in 20 years with a collection of new recordings acclaimed by one critic as the “greatest comeback in rock’n’roll history”. Mr. Bowie has also told an interesting story of his mind’s struggle to make sense of a quantum topological UFO encounter.

When we say “America”many of us have an emotional response. But where did that name come from? Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian navigator, gets credited, but he likely never knew about this legacy.

The term “conspiracy theory” was first used in The American Historical Review in 1909, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The International Business Times presents  a nice natural history of the conspiracy theory. The resilience of ‘conspiracy thinking’ is one of my favorite subjects!

The WND nut-jobs present Michele Bachmann screeching that providing more health care will kill us all! (I only linked so you could witness the madness and mendacity. Clear your cookies afterward or the web-ads could get weird).

The Creation Museum of Pertersberg, KY is hosting a Dawkins Day celebration on March 26! Attractions include a “Survival of the Fittest”bouncy house and Jeff Foxworthy doing some stupid damned thing or another. “We have a lot of interest in this event,” stated Creation Museum’s chief curator Martin Kannard. “We had to scale down the festivities due to our  limited space. For example, we had to cancel the  How to Outlaw Richard Dawkins in Your State seminar. I was really bummed out about that.”  (Yes, very much a Poe).

Your tax dollars at waste: under Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD used approximately one million officer-hours to make 440,000 marijuana possession arrests.

The esteemed artist of Wondermark, David Malki, celebrates asking for $23,000 and actually raising over a half-million, and invites you to “just DO stuff”. I couldn’t agree more!

The inimitable Tina Fey channels the ‘Palin Thing’ again during an Actor’s Studio segment. Is the trick to just say the absolutely stupidest things you can as smugly as you can as if you believed them?


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