Another human lightning rod emerges and behold the ‘Bone-Gun’!

A Kalashnikov made of bonesWHAT DOES IT MEAN???

Oh, and there have now been 3,084 American gun-deaths in the 100 days since the Newtown Massacre.

Comrade Misfit is a blogger and proud gun owner that also believes the NRA needs to cut back on the crazy sauce and get real, before they lose a principled argument by continuing to act like a bunch of jerks and loonies.

While the Supreme Court ruminates on the constitutional issues of the Defense of Marriage Act, can we take a moment to acknowledge the stinking hypocrisy of the thing?

According to New Scientist magazine, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have been able to induce weight loss in normal mice by introducing gut bacteria from mice that had undergone gastric bypass.

Because they can: scientists have engineered a strain of E. coli that is addicted to caffeine. What next, addicted to love?

Egypt: Naval forces capture 3 divers trying to cut undersea Internet cable. No motive is cited.

A survey of the Yangtze river conducted by the World Wildlife Fund says that Chinese ‘river pigs’ are close to extinction. No, not talking about those pigs floating in the river around Shanghai!

A new contestant has emerged in the “Being Repeatedly Struck By Lightning” category! Mr. Alexander Mandon of Columbia has been struck four times just since September. It was happening so often that he was deemed a danger to his fellow troops and ejected from the army.  He opted for a treatment prescribed by an indigenous healer to shake his curse: being buried up to his neck in the dirt. Let’s hope he finds some relief!

“TBTF zombie queens”. The members of the banking industry pretend to be profitable, risk-taking organizations operating in a free-market economy, but, in reality, they are government-sponsored private entities where all profits are subsidized and all losses are charged off to the taxpayer.

Philippine Governor General William Howard Taft (seated)
and his trusty water buffalo. (c. 1904).


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