I read your comments, but I might not agree with them

I was given pause by a recent comment from one “Jack Mahogg”, which read:

Dude, I came here via google to check out your blog about toner transfer. Now that I see you are a politically-motivated low-information kinda guy, I think I’ll go elsewhere. Science should be free from anything to do with politics. You are a loser.

Well allow me to retort!

Sorry, Mr. Mahogg, you need to take that weak horseshit somewhere else. Science is not political, but politics can be very anti-science. I know of no period in history when science has not been interfered with and/or hindered by shallow political considerations. I’d personally like to see politics become more scientific and reality-based, but then what would happen to the Palins, Akins, Murdochs and Robertsons of our world?

I assume Mr. Mahogg’s problem is with the general tone of mockery I shower on right-wingnut talking points. Those on the political right are, contrary to the popular notion, not immune to factual statements, but are resentful of and rendered excessively whiney by factual information since it invalidates many of their specious assertions. It is not the fault of  Science that some choose to be at philosophical odds with Reality: they make a choice to be deceivers of themselves and others, actively deciding to be and do what is demonstrably wrong.

So yes, Mr. Mahogg (assuming that’s not a ‘joke name’, a la ‘Jack Meehoff, Jr.’), you need to take your weak horseshit somewhere else. Don’t let that screen door hit you on your way out!


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One Response to “I read your comments, but I might not agree with them”

  1. Mordanicus Says:

    Well it’s a common response for highly ideologically motivated people (both on the right and the left) to ignore or to deny scientific facts which conflicts with their pet believes. I read one time an essay written by some crank anarcho-capitalist that we live in “an age of Big Politized science”, my impression was that he not science was big politized. For some reason people are bad in handling with evdence that they are wrong, and then denial is an easy way.

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