Oklahoma Joe’s – your average Okie bigots

Feeling “serviced”?

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Update: The Steifel Foundation will be matching donations to Camp Quest Oklahoma this week to help offset the back-stabbing by Oklahoma Joe’s #BigotBBQ!
Click here to donate (I just did)!

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue decided to go all “Children of the Corn” last night and screw over Camp Quest Oklahoma in the midst of a fund-raiser there. The problem seems to have started with Oklahoma Joe’s sanctimonious CEO, Joe Davidson, and his hill-billy religious discrimination. Those showing up for the cancelled-without-notice fundraiser were met with the sign above and have been expressing their feelings about being back-stabbed like this. Joe, when you kick people out of a long planned fundraiser and then lie about it, well, it pretty much blows any spirit-filled high-ground, doesn’t it? Man, you know you’ve screwed the pooch when even the local Fox affiliate highlights your hypocrisy. You just can’t buy press like that! The crap the BA location served up last night stunk soooo bad that even the (independent) Kansas City location is distancing itself publicly, and Joe had to pull down his Facebook page to avoid the well-deserved public acknowledgement of his little negative publicity stunt last night. I don’t think I’ll be eating there anytime soon EVER. They are dead to me! “Oklahoma Joe’s: put on your armbands and come on by!”

This link is to a video that illustrates the difficulty of downing a small drone with projectile weapons (starting at 1:18, volume warning!): lots of guns spewing lots of lead before it goes down (maybe try a shotgun?). Today, the Navy released video of a solid-state fiber optic laser system downing a comparably small drone with considerable poise and grace (and lots less noise). The lesson is pretty clear here: if they at least double the laser power, this approach would definitely be tactically significant, and not just for drones. Think artillery shells, missiles, etc.

WikiLeaks has launched a very large searchable database of diplomatic cables from the Nixon/Kissinger years. You might need to boil your eyeballs after reading. This massive database is the first installment of the “Public Library of US Diplomacy”, or PlusD, which a press release describes as holding “the world’s largest searchable collection of United States confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications.” PlusD holds “2 million records comprising approximately 1 billion words.” Let’s all go and search for dirty words, eh?

In January 1977, Playboy published an interview with an anonymous alleged designer of “assorted nasties” (silencers, explosive bullets, hallucinogens, envenomed felt-tip pens, that sort of thing) for a certain government agency (cough-CIA-cough). Titled “Mr. Death”, it’s just cock full of anti-social Maker info, with all the [deleted] bits easily pieced together if you know your chemistry and so forth. It gives an interesting insight into what was possibly going on in (and deniably outside) our government at the time.

A 4-year-old who picked up a gun at a family cookout killed the wife of a Wilson County (TN) sheriff’s deputy, authorities said Monday. More guns is the obvious NRA answer to the problem of guns being so damned good at killing innocent people that little children can do it accidentally </mournful sarcasm>. Pew-pew-pew, am I right?


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4 Responses to “Oklahoma Joe’s – your average Okie bigots”

  1. Brad Wilkerson Says:

    I don’t make a habit of posting on blogs, but this is completely outrageous. Speak of the pot calling the kettle black. How do you conclude this was a “publicity stunt” by OK Joe’s? What in any sane persons mind would make anyone believe OK Joe’s was looking for publicity of this nature. Appears much more clear to me that your ATHEIST group is the one looking for some publicity and any support you can drum up. Actually, seems quite similar to how you convinced OK Joe’s to participate in a fund raiser for kids all the while conveniently forgetting to disclose to Joe exactly what your organization stood for. Instead, the group speaker had the response why it was not disclosed up front (paraphrasing here) the reason we don’t disclose is because this is generally the reaction we get. When you have to hide behind deceitful tactics to use a Christian establishment to raise money, all I can do is pray God takes mercy on your soul. I had never heard of your group until now so I investigated your website. Very Cleverly put together to appear camouflaged from the truth. God bless you!

    • offlogic Says:

      Poor Brad, allow me to explain it to you!
      Once upon a month or so ago, Oklahoma Joe’s was first approached about holding a fundraiser for a secular summer camp for kids. His organization had final clearance on all the fliers, approved them, and the Camp Quest Oklahoma folks promoted the fundraiser, with much free (paid for by Camp Quest OK) publicity and goodwill extended to Oklahoma Joe’s, in the understanding that they would see a small (10%) taste of the proceeds of the tabs of the customers that came on one night to said scumbag’s ‘Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ’ restaurant in BA because of their fundraising effort, right?
      Is there any dissention or dispute of the facts so far, Brad?
      Guests arrived for said fundraiser and “Pinocchio Joe” decided that maybe he could screw the Camp Quest kids over because it’s okay to not honor his word to people that didn’t support his narrow brand of Jeebus, or whatever. In any case, he suddenly (weeks after having agreed to the arrangement and approved the fliers) felt all ‘Anti-Christ-like’, cancelled the deal while the fundraiser was in progress, tossed them out and kept the charity percentage of those that didn’t verbally beat his LYING ASS DOWN OVER IT!
      WTF, Brad? If a non-Christian did this to you or your group, how would you react? You tell me, Brad: does Lyin’ Joe get the Pearly Gates treatment for screwing over a children’s charity, or is something else more appropriate?
      Christian kids aren’t discriminated against at Camp Quest. Why does Lyin’ Joe feel that it’s okay to screw over kids that might not share his blinkered brand of ‘faith’ after they did a month’s footwork for him and his crappy BBQ joint? Are you giving him a pass on this?
      What kind of person are you, Brad? Do you have no integrity like Lyin’ Joe?
      If Oklahoma Joe’s Bigot BBQ wants to act like a liar, thief, cheat and so on, he should blame God for it to show his faith? Welshing on a fairly long-standing deal is a matter of his integrity, not God’s will. Claiming his ‘values’ are in conflict with a long-standing agreement (after he’s struggled out of his coma, or whatever) is a lame excuse that does nothing to make up for screwing over the kids wanting to go to camp. Kids that he pledged to raise funds for. Kids that gave him free publicity?
      Who Would Jesus Cheat, Brad? Who Would Jesus Lie To and Back-Stab?
      Don’t be a worm, Brad! You know damned well what Jesus would do: honor his word and not steal from kids, right?

  2. Totally Off Logic Says:

    Both organizations were wrong. Best way to have handled this in the first place is for full disclosure of mission. If they were proud of it, they should have shared their vision and mission before Oklahoma Joe’s agreed to hold a fundraiser. The mission of Camp Quest is to indoctrinate children with a “free thinking” agenda. This is not just for underprivileged children to go somewhere and have a good time where adults don’t have an alternate agenda. Can’t believe Camp Quest would recruit a company like Oklahoma Joe’s, where their views are publicly known, anymore than they would have gone to Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A. And although Steifel Foundation appears to be something like the Schusterman, Williams, Helmerich, etc., foundations, it also has the same “freethinking” agenda and mission as the camp. Isn’t that where Camp Quest should have gone in the first place for their funding, a like-minded organization? And not to let Oklahoma Joe’s off the hook, they should be vetting the organizations they choose to back much closer before signing on the dotted line. It was bad form to cancel at the last minute; much better to have Googled Camp Quest before agreeing to do the fundraiser in the first place.

    Offlogic, free thinking and free will is what God gave all of us – the ability to make up our own minds. Not believing comes naturally, so not sure why there’s even a movement needed to indoctrinate children. It’s a step of faith, and against the natural makeup of man, to believe in God. Once you take that step of faith, and allow a personal relationship with the living God, it brings such a joy to your life, I can’t imagine not wanting Him to be a part of your journey. Don’t know what in your life has embittered you, but hope you give Christ another look. You’re missing out.

    • offlogic Says:

      No better use for one’s free will than to be a dick to a bunch of kids. Don’t put this damage off on anyone but the ones practicing it.
      However curious I find it in this day and age that a business owner would think it acceptable to throw out a childrens’ charity fundraiser,
      the fact is that Oklahoma Joe’s in BA did just that. There’s no “shoulda-woulda” about it. I don’t think a reasonable person could expect such an overreaction from OKJoe’s management over Camp Quest’s lack of religious bent.
      How a person of sound mind can distort reality to the point that a science summer camp could perform ‘indoctrination’ by way of not indoctrinating is something I leave for the fundemented ‘kool-aid crowd’ to mis-reason out.

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