Ferrets & Wankers & Liars (oh my!)


A NZ church has auctioned off their vinyl holiday billboard “skin”. The comments (and the church’s answers) are pure comedy gold!

And they say there are no statesmen left! A former Tennessee lawmaker has been arrested for exposing himself and masturbating out the car window while driving 90 miles an hour. So is he a yoga master or just hung like a cephalopod? Wait, I don’t want to know!

What you won’t learn by tracking your cat with GPS.

You know how the Premier loves surprises! Inside the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine, aka “Dead Hand”. Yes, it’s still in operation.

Don’t give up on cooking websites until you’ve visited the Thug Kitchen. It’ll pop a cap in your cuisine!

The next time you go to buy a cute poodle make sure it isn’t just a sneaky ferret on steroids. Q: How could you tell the difference? A: ‘Roid ferrets are less annoying.

Speaking of sneaky ferrets, still no sign of repentance from the un-clean, thieving, delusional liars at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Broken Arrow, where you “come for the BBQ, leave for the bigotry!” Yeah, the guys that are sooo religious they’ll steal from kids, that sorry bunch! {I really expected “Holy Joe” would have prayed on it, come to his senses and apologized by now, but he must be too busy worshiping Satan or something}.

Luckily, the good people at the Steifel Foundation are helping undo the damage done by Lyin’ Joe by matching your donations to Camp Quest Oklahoma this week. Donate now and get more bang for your buck! The kids will thank you for it!

Be sure to send your love (and maybe an appropriate gift) to Joe and his coven! Maybe the phone still works at (918) 355-0000, but their Twitter account has been killed (the Facebook page went away almost immediately). Spread the word about their #BigotBBQ! People should know about this bastard before they eat there, unless they are ‘that way’  too (you know, immoral thieving liars?).

Really, you don’t want to eat there!


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