New Fundraiser at Oklahoma Joe’s – BA!

Hot on the heels of last Friday’s successfully cancelled fundraiser for Camp Quest Oklahoma, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in BA is kicking in up a notch by hosting a “fundie-raiser” benefitting the newly formed OK’Qaeda militant group.

“We really aren’t that far apart in our beliefs, and this is an opportunity to blow up bridges rather than build walls”, beamed  Oklahoma Joe’s founder, “Holy Joe” Davidson. “OK’Qaeda’s hatred for non-believers and dancing, and their goals of  intolerance, a bronze-age world view and a perverted interpretation of religious writings meshes well with my own religious principles, so I’m proud to support OK’Qaeda in Broken Arrow. Allah hu akbar, y’all! I think I pronounced that right.”

The event is set for this Friday, from noon to closing, at the Broken Arrow location of Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. Just bring one of the militant group’s  flyers (or a suicide belt) and 10% of your total bill will be donated to help finance local activities by OK’Qaeda.

In other news, American Atheists has called off a planned protest, honoring the wishes of  Camp Quest Oklahoma. It is thought best that the proprietors of Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ be left to play with their own feces  kind.

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