Post #200: Laughing til it hurts

Ahh, good times! The National Lampoon Radio Hour’s “California Show” from 1974. Yeah, that’s the late, great John Belushi as “Dr. Thompson S. Hunter” on a bozo journalism assignment (with Gilda, et al contributing)! No, they don’t make radio like that any more! As a ‘teen, I used to listen to this show on this hugenormous Magnavox credenza (after my folks went to bed!) on KTBAprogressive! out of Broken Arrow (before BA’s soul was eaten by the Rhema droids) . It was the most subversive thing you could imagine hearing in Indian Territory!

The first Saturday Night Live cast had a large contingent of talent from NatLamp. I’m an ‘old’ SNL fan, just because I remember hooting at skits like this one.  Nah, I don’t watch it much any more. The new kids just don’t know when the ‘funny’ has died.

I had the extreme pleasure of a luncheon with two of me old mates that I hadn’t seen since the ’80s last Friday. Kevin, Jane, damn that was good to see youse gang! Let’s do it again in another 30 years, what say? Maybe sooner?

Phill Plait at Bad Astronomy includes us in a subtle in-joke:  “When Federalists and the Federation Collide“. It had slipped right by me, too, but then I only caught the occasional episode of The West Wing (like the epic Penn & Teller bit, for example).

Speaking of the freedom and the press, the latest issue  of  Steampunk Magazine (#9!!!) will be released in just a matter of days! Just saw the proofs and it looks totally fabulous! It’s got everything: fiction, art, essays by great minds and guiding lights, an interview with Cory Doctorow, fresh costuming tips and how-to’s (including another very hazardous one from a disreputable Professor ‘O’).  Enjoy the free download, but there’s wayyy more mojo in purchasing a printed copy! We all need more mojo, right?

All my ears and whiskers! A Sooner Tea Party co-founder, Al ‘Mad Hatter’ Gerhart, 54, of Oklahoma City, has been charged with blackmailing State Sen. Cliff Branan and violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act. At stake was Gerhart’s dire fears about the sinister UN conspiracy called “Agenda 21”, which Branan called “a fringe conspiracy issue that is frankly just bad public policy.” Hats off to Sen. Branan for knowing crazy when he sees it!

Remember when, running for president back in 2008, Barack Obama vowed never to cut Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustments? He seems to be having second thoughts now, despite Social Security being self-funding and having no impact on the deficit whatsoever (even St. Ronnie Reagan knew that). I fear the Prez has fallen in with a bad crowd!


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