Boston Marathon Attack, Our Modern World

Best wishes to the victims, their families, the first responders and investigators: Two Three are confirmed dead and 140+ wounded when a pair of crude bombs went off near the Boston Marathon finish line. An eye-witness with a military background stated that most of the injuries he saw were to the lower half of the victims’ bodies and the smell of cordite/smokeless powder or similar explosive. Ball bearings or steel shot were reportedly scattered by the blast(s).  At least one of the devices appeared to have been emplaced in the bottom of a trash can. The non-simultaneous detonation of the two devices would indicate something akin to cheap kitchen timers being used as detonators (i.e. not a command detonation). From the video, the charge couldn’t have been more than a couple of pounds. It being April 15 (tax day), Patriot Day and the way the ‘Black Helicopter crowd’ (I’m looking at you Alex Jones) is already quacking  “false flag”, I’m expecting some sort of “paranoid-patriot militia”/skinhead/Freeman Movement tie in, definitely a non-state actor at any rate.  The low level of sophistication smells like a hillbilly/redneck/skinhead/moron type of perpetrator (just my .0002 cents).

Grudge match? Was the theft conviction of a former judge the impetus for the murders of two Texas prosecutors?

The NYT has a chilling op-ed written by Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, one of the hunger-strikers in GITMO, after 11 years imprisonment without trial. You should read it.

I like Josh Marshall’s observation on the recent rant by Joe Scarborough: “I’m not sure Scarborough realizes there’s a difference between a wealthy person who pays a lowish tax rate and wants to raise rates and one who pays a lowish tax rate and want to make them lower. Seriously, Joe, you’re being a moron.”

A case of haz-mat to the max: FOOF.

Wow! Who could have foreseen the “Gold Bubble” bursting? Gotta love it when a commodity takes a dump on you.

You got us.” Drug testing lab bluntly acknowledged that much of the lab’s work was fraudulent, so the FDA secretly re-tests 100 different drugs.

Profiles in bigotry:

oklahoma joes response


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