Atheists raising children in the Bible Belt face certain quandaries, for instance what guidance to give them on religion. My own memories of being quizzed by my peers usually resulted in a “You’re going to Hell!” response from the fundies. I tend to encourage a more mysterious approach now… or maybe an occasional “Go away or I’ll feast on your soul!!” for the more persistently bothersome.

‘GOD HATES FALSE-FLAGGERS!’: irate Boston man confronts ‘sh*theel’ Alex Jones reporter over ‘false flag’ claims.

They’ve programmed E. coli to generate a carbon-neutral bio-diesel from sugars, still needs optimization though.

Maggie Koerth-Baker gets us a tour of the Leech Library at the American Museum of Natural History.

NatGeo brings us the origins of Egypt, complete with catfish, beer & scorpions.

Boston bombing suspects’ friends arrested for evidence destruction and interfering with the investigation. “… [T]he three went back to Mr. Tsarnaev’s dorm room. When they returned to their apartment, they were carrying the backpack, fireworks, a jar of Vaseline and Mr. Tsarnaev’s laptop”. What, no Batman suit? I’d say those were pretty close friends in a major moral quandary, leading to a long-term bonding experience.

A giant floating head isn’t just for Zardoz any more! Art projects gone wild?


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