‘Transport’: physical and sensory and..(Oh My!)

Just saw this latest footage of SpaceX’s “Grasshopper” reusable booster prototype being tested. It’s now jumping to 280 feet and then re-landing in it’s own footprint. By Jove, I think they are on to something!

Here’s some cool/creepy biomimetic ‘bots on parade. Splendid in their diversity!

Oh, and here’s a funky Indiegogo project: a Raspberry Pi-based drone detector that can SMS or email you an alert via wifi. It analyzes the audio signatures of known drones, ignores lawnmowers and the like.

People who hold extreme views on complex policy issues tend not to have thought all that hard about the ramifications of those policies. That’s the implication of a new study in which people’s initial extreme positions softened after being asked to explain some of them. Maybe there’s some hope for these smooth-apes after all?

Extreme sports? From 1873, ‘A New Scientific and Interesting Street Pastime’. Thanks again, Beach!


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