Make room on Olympus

Much joy in Cleveland (and elsewhere) today, fairy-tale ending courtesy of Mr. Charles Ramsey. Show him some love, everyone!

A 1965 British MOD file yields an classic “flying triangle” sighting (complete with MIB trimmings), considerably predating any B-2 bomber testing (the usual misidentification suspect). Aye, quare goings-on over the moors!

Over the past 5 decades more than fifty dogs have jumped to their deaths from Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton, in Scotland. Why?

Here’s a funky project: an audio-analyzing, Raspberry Pi-based drone detector that can wirelessly  SMS or email you a drone “air raid” alert.

An awesome robotic duo (crawling and flying) discovers hundreds of golden orbs of unknown purpose under Teotihuaca. What’s odd about golden orbs under a temple to the sun-god?

Google Street View snapped a rare photo of Eric the Half-a-Cat (Felis Bipedalis)!

Disappointed with CGI and want to make a point about actually making something real? Get acquainted with The Nautilus Project: recreating the Disney Nautilus as a surface craft, just to show what one person with hand tools can do… if they try hard enough!

RIP: Ray Harryhausen

The Harryhausen family has regretfully announced the death of visual effects pioneer and stop-motion model animator par excellence, Ray Harryhausen.

Mere words fail me. I got to meet Ray, however briefly, at a convention in the ’70s and he was just one hell of a nice guy. He always tried to inspire and encourage the next generation of artists, remaining a fan at heart despite reaching the pinnacle of field he loved.

I encourage everyone to visit (and support) the The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation.

Thanks and goodbye, Ray: only you could have released the Kraken on all of us… and we thank you for that!


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2 Responses to “Make room on Olympus”

  1. Todd Roper Says:

    Can it detect my Parrot AR???

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