Dead horses, deviled eggs and batty schemes

New app helps you boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto & more.

Parapolitical brings us the strange tale of Special Agent Ted Gunderson, former also-ran for head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who claimed the existence of a secret government program to depopulate the world through the use of deadly, aircraft-delivered aerosols (“chemtrails”), that  the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 were “inside jobs” and stated that Sonny Bono didn’t die in a skiing accident… but was actually murdered by the CIA.

Is a seafood diet killing Arctic foxes on a Russian island… due to mercury levels?

Want to make some vegan faux deviled eggs? Here’s how. And a page of deviled eggs of all persuasions.

Jack Donovan is a strident “men’s rights” activist that’s very into a manly kind of love, but don’t call him gay. Go figure.

The US Military’s Disastrous Plan to Use Napalm-Strapped Bats in WWII – another look at a ‘sounds crazy, but it just might work’ pre-DARPA military project.

For the first time in history, the Navy’s X-47B autonomous drone performed a launch from an aircraft carrier at sea. They’re still working on the carrier landing algorithms, though.

On owls & the ambivalence of the place they hold in human culture.

Why rituals exist: cost-benefit tradeoffs of the false-positive versus false-negative correlation on the savannah.

In your face, Thomas A!


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