Big buildings, freakin’ lasers and fanboys gone wild

So, are the North Koreans going to test a fricking Musudan or what?

One Building, One City: World’s tallest prefab, Sky City, is breaking ground in June

Giant mechanical animals stalk a French steampunk theme park (thanks, Jim)

U.S. Navy To Guard Old Ship With A Freaking Laser. The best defense is a good offense, unless you have lasers, in which case the best defense is lasers. “Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Adjunct to the Close-In Weapon System” (program overview)

The secret laser-toting Soviet satellite that almost was, and a look at the Soviet “Almaz” (Diamond) program: the only (known) manned, operational and armed space platforms.

So if it’s not OK to use cluster munitions in metropolitan areas, is it OK to use nuclear weapons against targets that fall within or close to them. Yes? No? Under some circumstances? (Arms Control Wonk, incisive comments, as usual)

Files show that MI5 was worried about crop circles of German origin during WWII.

Some strange cases of missing time. Honest, honey, it was ALIENS, I tell you! And some of them wore lipstick, yeah.

The Game of Thrones paradox: does magic make a civilization stupid or just lazy?

Police arrive at sci-fi convention to bust up argument between rival fans. An argument broke out at the fourth Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention, staged by the Norwich Star Wars Club, when members of the rival Norwich Sci-Fi Club showed up.


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