Science reporting for/by dummies, astronaut rehab and drone etiquette

They are auctioning off a chance for you to get into Luke Skywalker’s pants tomorrow!

Goggle “Eesha Khare” and you’ll see a jillion variations of “teenage girl invents device to charge phones quickly”. Hell,even Intel’s ISEF site seems to give the award-winning project (a new nano-tech supercapacitor chemistry) the shallow “cellphone charger” treatment. WTF? Is it that the people reporting on science are ninnies and feebs, or do they just find explaining science to a majority population of idiots too taxing?

Superstar Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is having fun getting used to gravity again. “For now, I’m still trying to stand up straight. I have to sit down in the shower so I don’t faint and fall down, and I don’t have calluses on the bottom of my feet yet, so I’m walking around like I walked on hot coals,” he said. Those HadfieldAtHome parodies are pretty fun for a few seconds, too.

The (re)discovery of 1000-year-old coins in Australia’s Northern Territory could revise the history books. The copper coins were products of the Kilwa sultanate from an island off Tanzania and were the first coins ever produced in sub-Saharan Africa. Just how they got to Oz nobody knows… yet.

Krulwich WondersWhat is it about bees and hexagons? More than 2,000 years ago, in 36 B.C., a Roman soldier/scholar/writer, Marcus Terentius Varro, proposed an answer.

A first for dolphin archeology? Navy dolphins find a 19th century Howell torpedo.

With soulless corporations manufacturing uncertainty to undermine science, the Center for Science and Democracy is starting to push back.

Don’t play the ‘Star Trek: Drink Into Darkness’ game. You could die. Seriously.

So This Is How It Begins: Guy Refuses to Stop Drone-Spying on Seattle Woman. Sounds as if some sort of butterfly net (or shotgun) may be in order.

The tale of the immaculate anteater: embryonic diapause  or something else?

Did big-eyed posters really stare down bicycle theft in Newcastle by 60%?

What to Wear on an Ice-Age Sea Voyage?

Freelance rules of thumb: you should lose at least one out of four assignments because you’re too expensive and for every person on the client side who must approve your work add 12% to the fee (20% for any spouse or brother-in-law).

Survival of the adequate: Mediocre Poison Eaters And The Imperfection of Evolution.

final ride for the die-hard bike enthusiast. Laugh at the Oregonians, go ahead.

Monsanto’s CEO thinks that only elites oppose the $58 billion multinational Pesticide-‘n-Frankenfood corporation’s global domination of the food chain. Still, the inconvenient truth about GM is that it has done little to increase crop yields.

Tor servers + reasonable precautions = leaker-safe communications. The New Yorker launches Strongbox, an anonymous inbox developed by (the late) Aaron Swartz. Wired has some more thoughts on secure communications in the age of Big Brother’s goal of ‘total information awareness’.

European governments and the Obama administration are this weekend studying a “gamechanging” report on global drugs policy that is being seen in some quarters as the beginning of the end for blanket prohibition.

Meet the career con man who made a fortune selling illegal pharmaceuticals online—and pulled off a federal sting that forced Google to pay $500 million.

Another night of tornadoes, Moore just got hit with another HUGE one. Life in the Sooner State.


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