Happy long weekend everyone, and remember those vets!

Say hello to JC Penny’s Hitler kettle. It’s a miracle!
(Thanks, TylerD!)

Thousands of cave paintings recently discovered in north-eastern Mexico suggest that at least three groups of hunter-gatherers dwelled in the San Carlos mountain range.

A Sacramento man has been arrested for calling 911 more than 100 times in the last month because he believes his body is controlled by satellites.

‘Universal’ flu vaccine effective in animals. Self-assembling nanoparticles could make updating seasonal vaccines easier.

The Lessons of Operation Swill: Six Ways to Tell Your Bar Is Passing Off Cheap Liquor as the Good Stuff.

Kansas lawmaker opposes ‘encouraging the behavior of purchasing food’ with lower food taxes. Maybe we should tax being an asshole?

Mutant roaches are evolving to avoid sticky traps. They still work on Kansas lawmakers, though!

How Voltaire made a fortune gaming the French lottery. The way he did it, it wasn’t gambling.

Conspiracy theories as a mythologization of capitalism.

Mataerial 3D printer builds gravity-defying structures directly onto walls.

Solar Kettle boils water using the Sun’s rays. Yeah, you do want to boil that water.

OX: the flat-pack truck designed for developing nations. Damn, he’s developed my Kar/Truk idears!

Flat spray-on optical lens created.

Inteliscope turns your iPhone into a tactical gun sight, and a new “self-aiming” rifle can help even a novice hit the target at long range on the first go.

Archaeologists working in Europe and the Middle East have recently unearthed evidence of a mysterious Stone Age “skull-smashing” culture. The 10,000-year-old skulls appear to have been separated from their spines long after their bodies had already begun to decompose. Did they only pose a threat to the living long after their original burial and death?

Being Christopher Robin was Hell



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