Life is Hardest When You’re Dumb!

Famous swell guy Pat Robertson sez: PRAY HARDER and stop hitting yourself, Oklahoma!

Hackers gonna hack, and this time the deserving target is the Westboro Baptist Church: the hate group’s “God hates Oklahoma” page was transformed into a Red Cross donation site. High five to Jester! (Sadly, it looks like WBC has regained control of the site now).

This piece on how ignorance loves company brought me to review the history of the Great Library of Alexandria again this morning. The learned world still mourns.

The potent combination of our powerful intelligence with our massive reality denial has led to a dangerous world.

The NRA says gun control won’t work because illegal guns are so easy to get. But as a convicted felon, I know Adam Lanza never could have gotten an illegal firearm. I challenge any pro-gun lobbyist and/or pundit to pocket a few thousand dollars and head out alone into the streets of any major city, find a shady character, and purchase a firearm illegally in the same manner that a psychotic and/or criminal would have to do if we had effective background checks in place”.

“Count me a proud wacko bird,” says newly minted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tea Party). Is burning every bridge in sight the path to effective governance?

Hey, Ted, your theme-song is right here! Thanks, Austin Lounge Lizards!


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4 Responses to “Life is Hardest When You’re Dumb!”

  1. Mordanicus Says:

    Christian and theists all over the world are punished by Nature for their unforgivable sins such as denying Evolution by Natural Selection and the rejection of Logic. This is why an atheist woman survived whilst many theists died. Unless theists convert to atheism, they will be hit by Natural Disasters.

    When a theist might object that this line of reasoning is absurd, let him think again.

  2. offlogic Says:

    It does echo some of the goddist reasoning I’ve heard, come to think.

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