All the colors of Earth

Life on Earth can be a strange as any you could imagine on an alien world.

Simple life forms are the best! Plants that were frozen during the “Little Ice Age” centuries ago have been observed sprouting new growth, scientists say.

In another indicator of the rapidity with which the Arctic sea ice is shrinking, Russia is evacuating an Arctic research station because the ice is breaking up under their feet.

Pretty in pink: are vertical “pinkhouses” the future of urban farming?

Blue, blue, electric blue, that’s the colour of NASA’s latest high-tech spaceship engine, which uses xenon ions instead of a rocket blast.

A pair of Asiatic golden cats have been bred using artificial insemination for the first time (and the photos make the process look every bit as indelicate as it sounds). Because of their striking colour, in some parts of Thailand Asiatic golden cats are called “Seua fai”, meaning ‘fire tiger’. Let one get loose during this procedure and you’ll call them “Psycho Cats of Death”.

A genetic survey by the Max Planck Institute showed that an Indian Dravidian population reached Australia sometime circa 2000 BCE.

The EU has dropped their Syria arms embargo, clearing the way for more weapons to flow to the rebels. This could incentivise a transition of power or increase the body-counts. I’m betting on both.

Danger Room looks at our cyberwar capabilities: This Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar as Easy as Angry Birds. Of course you want to get the full version to unlock all the levels.

A confidential DOD report lists the U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies (let’s just say they all have). What part of “internal network/external internet separation” is so damned hard to understand?

MAD with Aliens? Interstellar Deterrence and its Implications”, by Janne Korhonen of Finland’s Aalto University, asks if aggressive alien civilizations face conventional military questions when deciding to wage interstellar war, or are the circumstances of inter-planetary conflict unique to strategic decision making?

Arizona’s Gov. Brewer shut down the Tea Party-infested legislature until Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act is enacted. “I think the governor has a little bit of a moral streak in her,” said Tim Schmaltz, coordinator of the Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition. Threats  using “Second Amendment” language have been made (since ‘violent threats’ = ‘civil engagement’ once you mouth-breathe enough gun-smoke. Maybe it’s the lead content).

These “One Percenters”  just never stop creating reasons to enact the Greedy Asshole Tax: sophisticated traders exploit an obscure USDA rule change to get rich by fleecing farmers and driving up food prices.

Bravo, XKCD, for putting in vitro “medical breakthroughs” in perspective:


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