Statesmen and Psychos and Felons, Oh My!

WWII chemical weapons education posters.

Seven months after Superstorm Sandy, the Red Cross still hasn’t spent more than a third of the $303 million it raised to assist victims of the storm. The ARC says they are holding funds in reserve for later issues, but some feel a bit cynical about it. Color me skeptical.

Somebody has been making Pat Robertson awfully mad and he’s going to go all “exposé” on them!

A disabled blogger asks to be left out of your ‘prayer sandwich’. “I swear, the mere sight of crutches is like blood in the water.”

Take a break, Amanda Bynes: Toronto’s surreal mayor just raised the “slo-mo train-wreck” standard. Here’s a handy diagram to sort it all out. And you thought American politicians were unbelievable!

No, the other position: the crime rate really takes a dive, thanks to Cops and Nobbers.

McQuiggin v. Perkins: Scalia calls it a “radically expanded” habeas review. Other judges would call it doing their job of ensuring that innocent people don’t rot in prison or wind up executed. For Scalia, the moral of the story is clear: Innocence doesn’t—and shouldn’t—always win. Who put that murderous clown on the bench, anyway?

In 1942 a British forest guard stumbled across a frozen lake surrounded by hundreds of human skeletons. All of the bodies were dated to about 850 AD and all died from blows to the head.

In other “blow to the head” news, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe (R-Short Bus) accused the “liberal media” of exploiting the devastating tornado in Oklahoma to push its climate change “agenda”. As recently as April of this year Inhofe blamed the so-called “hoax” on George Soros,, and Michael Moore. Damn those librul masterminds and their god-like powers!

Phil Plait, that Kenyan-born, Satan-worshiping, commie astronomer-impostor, looks at the Arctic ice “death spiral”.

A new study by researchers from the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Chicago’s Rush University has recently proven you can worry yourself into dementia. Alas, it’s too late to save Sen. Inhofe.

WPA poster


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