Fossil Forgers and New Jersey Nazis

Whirling dervish in a gas mask, from the demonstrations in Turkey.

Right-wing extremists, vastly outnumbered by opposing marchers on the streets of London, gathered Friday to whip up support. Both groups, however, were upstaged by campaigners fighting for a third cause: to stop Britain’s brutal and scientifically-questionable badger cull. When the badger women sided against the fascists, writes the International Business Times, they had no-where left to run.

Dressed for succeSSfreaking New Jersey Nazi wears his freaking Nazi uniform to child custody hearing. Let me know how that worked out for you, fella!

1 in 13 people have bendy chimp feet. Now you know.

On the efficacy of fake CGI: In 1987 an unidentified signal hacker managed to replace two television broadcasts with a mildly disturbing video of a home-made Max Headroom show. In this improvised effort Max was portrayed by a man in a shop-bought mask, while the moving backdrops – in the original series, an example of genuine digital animation amongst the pseudo-CGI – were replaced with somebody offscreen wiggling a bit of corrugated metal about.

Land’o’th’Free: The Freedom of the Press Foundation recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for hiring a court stenographer to provide transcripts of the unclassified portions of the Bradley Manning court martial (since the US refuses to release the official government transcripts). On Thursday they were informed that no stenographer would be allowed, due to the Secret Code of Military Toughness or something.

The hidden evils of Pokemon, apparently from the “Church Chat Lady”.

The Wonderful Future That Never Was, pre-1969 predictions from Popular Mechanics.

Quantum entanglement doesn’t care about time or space.

Cat caught smuggling phones into Russian prison camp. What, couldn’t get a quad-copter?

Archaeoraptor: the fake fossil that duped National Geographic, and a note on how Chinese fossil forgery compromises science.

“To study immoral outcomes, we studied whether people are willing to harm a third party in exchange to receiving money. Harming others in an intentional and unjustified way is typically considered unethical,” says Prof. Falk. The animals involved in the study were so-called “surplus mice”, raised in laboratories outside Germany.

Here’s the bigger picture of that Chinese tank guy from Tienamen Square:


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