Bollywood Robots and Sunday Linkstew

I finally got to see Endhiran/Robo/Robot (2010) via Blockbuster On Demand. Despite the lack of sub-titles, dubbing or more than 5% of the dialog being in English, this is easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last year. Nobody does musical romantic comedy sci-fi mash-ups better than Bollywood!

I got my contributors’ copies of Steampunk Magazine #9, and gang, the free PDF doesn’t do it justice: go buy the thing!

Home-state weirdness: Mysterious Universe covers the tale of UFOs and Deer Men in Oklahoma. It’s a ripping read!

The GOP: don’t be lazy, vote for crazy! Virginia’s GOP candidate for lieutenant governor pastor E.W. Jackson’s 2008 book “Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life” claims that practicing yoga leaves you vulnerable to SATANIC POSSESSION!!! Is there a Prozac shortage, or what?

Beachcomber gives us his list of nine “must know” historical mysteries. Beach is a veritable font of historical lore.

John Mellencamp tells a mean ghost story. Explaining the origins of “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” — a collaborative country-rock album written with Stephen King and produced by T-Bone Burnett — he details murder, mayhem and mutilation in grisly detail, with a keen sense of the absurd and a sheepish admission of his own cowardice in the face of creepy.

Source: Gunman Had Mental Issues. Well, as long as there’s “no link to domestic or international terror”, I guess there’s nothing to see here, then. Until he started shooting people he was one of those “responsible gun owners” we hear so much about. I mean he only had 1000 rounds on him, what’s the fuss?

Awww, geez! Notorious skid-mark Alex Jones got tossed from the hotel hosting this year’s meeting of the Bilderberg conference. He must have gotten too close to the TROOFS!

A 35-year-old Army veteran died after being accidentally shot by his 4-year-old son while visiting a friend, KNXV-TV reported on Friday.

I’ll bet a lot of Texas businesses are re-thinking their “no refunds” policies: Texas jury says shooting prostitutes that refuse to have sex is A-OK.

The University of Colorado’s Peter McGraw and his “Humor Research Lab” may have cracked the code to what makes us laugh. We all could use some laughs about now.

Phil Plait shows us the scar of the Moore tornado, as seen from space.


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