Is that Bigfoot I smell, or just Wisconsin?

Let’s give Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a big hand… upside his head! Since he took office, his state has fallen from 11th to 44th in job creation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has ranked the Badger State 49th in its 50-state Leading Index report for April (Wisconsin was one of only five states to show contraction). Since he pushed through a “Right to Work for Less” law  Wisconsin’s wages are falling at twice the national level.  Walker is also rejecting Medicaid expansion and is using the Affordable Care Act exchanges to kick 87,000 Wisconsinites off his state’s Badgercare program. Walker in 2016, y’all!!!

And last week in the Wisconsin legislature, the GOP members of the GOP controlled legislative joint finance committee inserted a motion into the proposed budget that would ban any University of Wisconsin-Madison employee from working with a small non-profit, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. So why the vindictive attack on a journalistic organization based on ideological grounds? What part of ‘GOP’ don’t you understand?

Boston civil rights lawyer Harvey Silverglate says that everyone in the US commits three felonies everyday and if the government takes a dislike to you for any reason, they’ll dig in and find a felony you’re guilty of.

China has launched its Shenzhou-10 manned space mission. Three astronauts blasted away from the Jiuquan base in Inner Mongolia on a Long March 2F rocket at 17:38 Beijing time (09:38 GMT). Happy landings!

It took eight years after artist Jim Sanborn unveiled his cryptographic sculpture at the CIA’s headquarters for someone to succeed at cracking Kryptos’s enigmatic messages. This week, the National Security Archive published the now-unclassified story of how CIA analyst David Stein cracked three of the sculpture’s four coded messages (spoiler alert: mad skills with paper and pencil).

How To Steal Cars — A Practical Attack on KeeLoq” may yield some clues on the RKE exploit which allows a thief to circumvent most automotive keyless entry systems. Jalopnik’s “Watch Hackers Steal A BMW In Three Minutes” is sort of related, but in the BMW case thieves seem to be reading the key-fob code via the OBD diagnostic port after breaking a window.

New, absolutely accurate research confirms that overprecision – excessive confidence in the accuracy of our beliefs – is a common and robust form of overconfidence driven, at least in part, by excessive certainty in the accuracy of our judgments. This is beyond dispute!

Here’s a how-to on making sushewoks! You’ll just bite their little heads off!

An unfortunate series of events: woman humped to death by her pet camel.

The fruitcake says: “OH NOES! Duh gubbamint is going to grab our guns for the UN!! Fur reelz this time!!!!“. Is there no end to the cynical panic-mongering by the National Murderers’ Association… or is the Prozac famine to blame for all this? You can read the myths and facts about the treaty here, and don’t forget to laugh and point at the freaktastic comments.

Anyone out there live in a haunted house? It might seem like a silly question but as home sales pick up you should know there are laws against selling a house without full disclosure.

Bobcat Goldthwait focused his creative attention on Bigfoot for his latest film, “Willow Creek,” currently being shown at film festivals across the United States. I just can’t wait to see it!


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