Yeah, your genes aren’t patentable!!! WTG, SCOTUS!

Huzzah! The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that naturally occurring human genes cannot be patented, a decision that could shape the future of medical and genetic research and have profound effects on pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

Not with a bang but an Z-z-z: the global economy is perfectly safe… as long as too many clerks don’t doze off at once.

New York State regulators are calling for a nationwide moratorium on transactions that life insurers are using to alter their books by billions of dollars, saying that the deals put policyholders at risk and could lead to another taxpayer bailout.

Grist: Four years after their epic prank, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce drops its lawsuit against the Yes Men.

Check this out from IO9: How to freeze water in about half a second. Works while pouring, even.

A nice piece on “How To Be a Skeptical Consumer of News“. My personal rule:  the most important information in any message is the name of the messenger.

More EMP Nonsense” from Jeffrey at Arms Control Wonk, questioning the very nature of television entertainment as we know it.

Mysterious Universe wonders “Why Do Mermen Get The Short End Of The Trident In The Public Eye?“. (My short answer: ‘no bewbs’). Still, Dagon managed a brief mention in the Bible, but he always was a publicity whore.

NOW HEAR THIS: NAVY ABANDONS ALL CAPS! Since the 19th century, all official Navy communications have been written that way, a legacy of primitive technology combined with the love of tradition. In April, the Navy delivered an order (IN ALL CAPS, of course) that sailors were now “AUTHORIZED TO USE STANDARD, MIXED-CASE CHARACTERS IN THE BODY OF NAVY ORGANIZATIONAL MESSAGES.”

A Public Policy Polling survey earlier this year determined that Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was the one of the most unpopular senators in the country (something about him having no soul), and his son isn’t helping much with an online name like “n1ggerkiller” and using “Jew” as an insult on Twitter. He must have learned that language at school, right, Sen. Flake?

A British tabloid newspaper apologized this week to any alien life forms they may have offended by linking them to the Church of Scientology.

The Tunguska Event: comet, meteorite, alien ship? The mystery may finally be solved according to a study published late last month in Planetary and Space ScienceA team from the Ukraine has collected fragments of rock from the site — each less than 1 millimetre wide — that came from the iron-rich meteor that caused the blast.

An enterprising Chinese farmer faces five days in jail for “fabrications” that “disturbed the public order”. His crime: a shaggy dog story and a crudely built rubber alien. Isn’t that about how Elron Hubbard started out?


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