The Supremes, a nihilist squirrel and the fuzzy edge of SCIENCE!

Okay, it was a big week for the SCOTUS: lots of good news for corporate interests, bad news for tribal sovereignty, Affirmative Action and Voting Rights Act fans (extend it to all 50 states, I say!) , but a semi-major win for marriage equality (at least as far as DOMA, Prop8 and uniform application of estate taxes go). Even The Onion agrees that we are living in the best of possible same-sex worlds!

Nihilist squirrel resolves primary philosophical problem: “I’m Going To Run Into The Street And End This

It seems we could be taking quite a few lessons from the Canadians when it comes to regulating our banking system here in the United States, highlighted during this segment on Monday evening’s The Daily Show.

This slipped by me: Lockheed Martin has been awarded a patent for Perforene, a molecular filtration solution designed to meet the growing global demand for potable water. The Perforene material works by removing sodium, chlorine and other ions from seawater and other sources.

Sam Parnia – the man who could bring you back from the dead. This British doctor specialises in resurrection and insists outdated resuscitation techniques are squandering lives that could be saved.

Does Alex Jones need an exorcism? I thought I smelled something sulfurous about him…

Rick Wiles, the host of TruNews radio, claims that MSNBC viewers are possessed by demons, that America is turning into Nazi Germany and that we’re about to put Christians into concentration camps and kill them. (Calm down, Rick! We’re skipping the concentration camp step, just too expensive).

Guinea Pig Armor is still up for grabs on Ebay. Cue “The Rodent Warrior“!

The Fungus that Reduced Humanity to The Last of Us.

The legend of the Chronovisor!

The Focus Fusion Society: Promoting Dense Plasma Focus nuclear fusion technology; affordable, safe energy, no radioactive waste!

Down to the sea in concrete ships!


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