It’s Good to be the King!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEL BROOKS, that Sultan of Silly! The Inquisition, Nazis, Westerns, and Frankenstein were all grist for his mill!

Beachcomber brings us the tale of Guy Gabaldon, one of the most remarkable American Marines of WWII.  While only 19 years old, he single-handedly convinced over 800 Japanese soldiers and civilians on Saipan to honorably surrender rather than commit suicide or perish in futile banzai charges. Gabaldon had several qualities that would turn him into a life-saving machine: a childhood friendship with a Japanese family in East L.A., a chronic resentment of authority and an enormous set of cojones.

The anti-social network: a new app called “Hell Is Other People” tracks your friends’ movements via FourSquare — so you can avoid them.

Those who oppose The Powers That Be (antiwar activists, OWS activists, feminists, eco-activists, peaceniks) are being labeled terrorists. If that’s not setting off alarms for you, you’re not paying attention.

From the Bodies of the Gods: Exploring the theory that hallucinogenic substances were central to the development of religious thought and practices.
Okay, psychedelics can have a slight downside: Ohio Man Rips Off Part Of His Penis After Taking Hallucinogenic Mushrooms.

Voting Rights Act 2013: What Is Daily Life Really Like In The Place That Spawned Shelby County v. Holder? What’s the opposite of “oasis of freedom and justice”?

Hey, someone that gets paid to write agrees with me! “A no-lose fix for the Voting Rights Act” suggests making Section 4 of the VRA– and federal pre-clearance of changes in electoral laws — apply to all 50 states. I mean why let hay-seeds and yokels dismantle voting rights piece-meal?

Boy this is classy: an Idaho ammunition manufacturer is selling pork-coated anti-Muslim bullets. The callous ignorance is almost overwhelming, typical of American gun-nut culture.

Medical professionals declare that the “cleansing” fad is just full of shit. Can we PLEASE start throwing the promoters of this type of nonsense into prison?


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