Wheee, it’s Friday!!!

Patrick Steward is a serious gardener, apparently.

Agri-bots roll! An automated grape counter will help growers see which parts of their vineyards need special attention.

Reddit thread on higher-order jokes:

Erwin Schrödinger is driving down the road when he gets pulled over by a cop. The cop walks up to the window and says, “Sir, I’d like you to open your trunk for me.” The cop goes to the trunk then returns. “Sir, did you know you have a dead hooker in your trunk?” Schrödinger says, “Well, I do now!”

A note on the new Family Research Council campaign. Nope. Can’t make shit like this up.

How is a tapir like an echidna? You should definitely wait for the third date to find out.

The Myth of the Komodo Dragon’s Dirty Mouth. And another enshrined “fact” about natural history bites the dust!

A real-life “Poseidon Adventure” that makes the fictional tale sound like a Girl Scout camping trip.

Video Shows Drone Shot Down by Police at Turkish Protests. Oh look, the ground is getting larger!

Does anyone else remember the old “Firefox” movie? Bing Maps caught a glimpse of Russia’s first stealth fighter out in the open.

“Horizon scanning”: In the recent batch of UFO files released by the UK National Archives, among the masses of letters sent to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) asking about extraterrestrials, one also asks the MoD to release the truth about anti-gravity technology that is being hidden from the public. The MoD boffins replied that they do not currently have any anti-gravity projects, but they are aware of and monitor research in this field. The go on to suggest some interesting reading on the subject.

A Test to Measure How Rational You Really Are. No, it doesn’t exist yet.

A senior Italian cleric has been arrested in connection with an inquiry into a Vatican bank scandal over allegations of corruption and fraud. Monsignor Nunzio Scarano works in the Vatican’s financial administration. A secret service agent and a financial broker have also been arrested on suspicion of trying to move 20m euros (£17m) illegally into Italy. Monsignor Scarano says he can “explain everything”, honest!

Austerity Lentils: What a country cooks when it’s collapsing. To be fair, lentils were dinner last night.

Better than a bake sale: Islamists Auction Off Cars to Buy Heat Seeking Missiles for Syrian Rebels.

To round out a very trying week, here’s “Llamas With Hats”. Enjoy!


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